Sail Komodo Trip

Sail Komodo Trip

Apparently, Sail Komodo Trip is a trip in which it does entice you to a very lovely nature around Komodo National Park Area.

Sail Komodo

Sail Komodo Trip sail komodo Sail Komodo Trip Sail Komodo Trip



Sail Komodo sail komodo Sail Komodo Trip Map Trip of Sail Komodo

Komodo National Park offers more than just its prehistoric Komodo dragons (varanus komodoensis). Exploring different adventure treks around Komodo and Rinca Island or perhaps off-the-beaten-trails along the slopes of Mount Ara and the Poreng Valley, which is situsted 580m above sea level. Such scenic region will surely mesmerize us with its various diversity of exotic fauna, wild orchids and tropical plants. Be prepared to plunge yourself in the enchanting underwater world in the Komodo National Park. Going beneath the sea, Flores underwater world is apparently exposing a diverse and colourful parallel universe of marine life. Komodo National Park is home to over 1.000 species of fish and more than 350 reef-building corals. Muck diving, night diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoying this unspoiled hideaway, Flores offers a mind-blowing underwater thrill that makes it like a second home for witnessing the diving enthusiastically.

PINK BEACH Sail Komodo

Location: Central Komodo Island, Manggarai Barat
Dive Type: Wall
Reef Type: Hard and soft coral encrusted rocky wall
Depth : 28 m

Sail Komodo sail komodo Sail Komodo Trip Pink Beach

Pink beach is a delightful dive and one of the most popular spots in the park. The beach has its authentic color from red coral fragments, and is located near the trekking area on Komodo island. The shallow reef can be closely seen just by standing at the beach, and is possibly one of the best snorkeling sites in the park, as it is deep enough to snorkel at low tide; also the high tide doesn’t drown us. There, colorful clumps of hard corals lie interspersed with brilliant patches of white sand and form a haven for fish of all shapes and sizes. The life over there is likely more identical with the southern sites and the water temperature is usually around 25°C.

The main current here is typically mild and comes from the south, and the site is best being dived on a falling tide. About 50m out from the beach, a small rocky outcrop is exposed at low tide and marks the ideal starting point for this dive. Following the wall down to 18-20m, large group of fusiliers, snappers, extremely tame grouper, also many lion and scorpio fish too, can be found covering the headland.

Even only having a small dive, we are literally witnessing a site which is very rich in both hard and soft corals, with plentiful tunicates and feather stars. Again, we can reveal more marine fauna like frogfish, nudibranches, fire urchins, crocodile fish, crustaceans, and even more by searching them carefully over the rocks . Further to the northeast lies a steep sandy slope which is home to razor fish and, if you’re lucky, the extremely rare and elusive sand diver.


Location: North Komodo Island, Manggarai Barat
Dive Type: Drift
Reef Type: Hard & Soft coral fringing reef
Depth: 25 m

Sail Komodo sail komodo Sail Komodo Trip Gili Lawa Darat

The south passage separates Gili Lawa Darat from Komodo island and is best being dived on a rising tide, when the current runs east to west creating a gentle drift out from Gili Lawa Bay. The eastern shore of the peninsula, just inside the bay, is an ideal starting point for the dive.

Follow the current, with the reef to your left, around the point. Turtles are regularly seen on this pretty coral reef. There is a great spot to snorkel amongst group of fish. And deeper at 20-25 m below sea level, many small coral trout, large group of anchovies, small tuna, and trevally come in to feed in the bay. Even deeper, along the bottom of the slope, fish life increases; garden eels sway and white tip reef sharks sleep on the sandy bottom. The site is large and rarely crowded; although it is popular in the high season with liveaboards, as Gili Lawa Bay offers a good anchorage.


Dive Type: Drift
Reef Type: Hard & Soft coral fringing reef
Depth: 25 m

sail komodo Sail Komodo Trip Manta Point

Karang Makassar is a small island off of the east side of Komodo with 2km drift dive and a series of long current-swept reefs running north to south, creating both a highway and a feeding ground for these giant and graceful rays. This is one of the ‘must do’ activities while diving and it is one of the Komodo National Park’s most famous for sightings of up to 50 Manta Rays.


Dive Type: Seamount & Coral Garden
Reef Type: Hard Coral fringing reef & sandy slope
Depth: 30 m

Sail Komodo sail komodo Sail Komodo Trip Seraya Kecil

Seraya Kecil is a safe yet convenient place for diving, just spending 40 minutes on the route from Labuan Bajo. The mainland offers the exciting option of a spectacular evening or night dive. The area is also a very well known snorkel site. Begin the dive on the northwest side of Seraya Kecil, above a sandy tongue. Following the slope to the north, you will discover a beautiful coral garden and small rocks littered across the sandy bottom down to 18m.

Besides, Seraya Kecil is an elegant spot to look for various kinds of nudibranch, scorpionfish, stonefish and any other photogenic macro life. Search the gorgonians carefully for pygmy seahorses; it is an exhilarating experience to spot one of these cryptic creatures. The mind-water currents can pick up in the channel , so it is better to turn around and end the dive eploring in the shallows.

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